Rosewater 101


Rosewater is a classic in the beauty world —in fact, its usage dates as far back as 2,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Even Cleopatra used it— and you don’t have to search too hard to understand why.

Our Rosewater Facial Mist is USDA certified organic and made using only 100% pure, steam-distilled rosewater. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, *and* it’s alcohol-free, so you can refresh skin without worrying about drying it out. And that’s just a small preview of why rosewater is so good for you. 

The breakdown

Rosewater contains antioxidants properties that are important in helping slow down the process of oxidation which can damage skin cells and lead to things like fine lines and wrinkles. It’s these same antioxidant properties that help rosewater feel so refreshing and hydrating on skin.

Rosewater also has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the appearance of redness and irritation which has made it especially popular for helping target the look of blemishes and scars. Along with this, rosewater is considered a balancing ingredient and works to help absorb excess oils in skin while also hydrating dry areas – making it the perfect staple for all skin types!

How to use 

Our Rosewater Facial Mist can be used as a refreshing spray on skin, as a hydrating toner, as a setting spray for makeup, and in your favorite DIY recipes or beauty hacks!

A beauty hack we love is using our Rosewater to help give heavier face oils a lighter consistency. For instance, our Avocado Oil is full of nourishing fatty acids that make it rich and great to help moisturize those with very dry skin, but it may feel too heavy for those with oily skin types or those new to face oils. To create a lighter texture, we apply 1-2 drops of our Avocado Oil onto our fingertips and 2-3 sprays of our Rosewater into the oil. Rub together and then apply to skin!

To apply 

Close your eyes and spray our mist directly onto your face and neck. You can also apply the mist using a clean, cotton round. Apply after cleansing, or as often as you need throughout the day for hydrated, petal-soft skin! 



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