From Seed to Skin: The Growing Organic Movement


After decades of processed foods and mass production, millennials began pushing back with a movement to reconnect food culture with nature. They began to learn about the positive impacts of organic food and farming. Organic food is now mainstream, and the organic food category continues to experience record breaking growthFood is a leading indicator of where the organic movement is headedMany consumers start the wellness process with what they eat and then lean into other items in their daily lives 

Did you know that prior to around 1920s, all farming was organic? It wasn’t until the 1930’s that scientists began to discover chemicals. And as scientists were learning diverse ways to combine and use these chemicals in all aspects of our lives, the organic movement was also picking up.  

And so, as we were becoming more surrounded by chemicals in our food, cleaning, and skincare products, we were also gaining more knowledge about the negative impacts they can have on our health. It did not take long to make the leap from what we were putting in our mouths to what we were putting on our skin as the skin is the body’s largest organ 

As the passionate Gen-Z is now becoming the largest demographic and the loudest voice today, we are seeing a rise in organic products, especially in skincare. They are not only concerned about the impact on their own bodies but also protecting the planet for their future and the future of their familiesWe are all understanding that we must focus on our sustainable practicesUSDA organic farming practices help improve water quality, conserve energy, increase biodiversity and contribute to soil health 

Dean Neiger, co-founder of Sky Organics shares that “Sky Organics ingredients are produced under USDA’s strict standards for organics. These standards help farmers sustainably grow and harvest ingredients to minimize the environmental impact. So, while we are gaining beautiful ingredients, we are healing the earth not just for our generation, but for generations to come. I am so proud of the community we are creating together."