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Upcycle with Sky Organics this Global Recycling Day!

Upcycle with Sky Organics this Global Recycling Day!

Celebrate Global
Recycling Day with
Sky Organics!

There’s a scene in the hit TV series Mad Men where the Drapers go on a picnic. The sun is shining, and the grass is lush and green.
Set in the 1960s, everything looks peaceful—at first.

Things change when the Drapers finish their meal. First, Don, the show’s protagonist, tosses an empty can into the tree-lined distance. Then his wife Betty shakes out the picnic blanket, leaving a trail of litter in her wake. But nobody blinks. The family of four just packs up and drives away, abandoning the remnants of their lunch. Packaging and all, everything goes to waste.

Watch it today, and the scene is almost funny. I mean, who would do such a thing?

We’ve made a lot of progress these past few decades—environmentally, that is. I mean, littering is far from the norm nowadays, and communities are recycling more than ever before. (In the U.S., the recycling rate increased from 7% in the 1960s to 32% in 2023.) Yet how many of us are reusing our favorite products and packaging?

As Chief Sustainability Officer at Sky Organics, I want to work with you to extend the lifespan of your personal care products. I also want to highlight the power of upcycling in honor of Global Recycling Day this month.

Will you join me in seeing opportunity instead of waste?

Upcycling: What It Is and Why It Matters!

Upcycling is a creative, sustainable way to extend the use of everyday items. The idea is to breathe new life into a product or packaging, by giving it a completely new purpose. In many cases, upcycling involves holding on to items that would otherwise be discarded—and using them in innovative ways. The goal here is to promote a more circular economy.


Waste reduction

Upcycling personal care packaging minimizes the amount of waste that goes to landfills. By repurposing or recycling empty containers, we can keep lowering our environmental impact.

Resource conservation

It’s simple: upcycling extends the life of materials like droppers and jars. This reduces the need to produce new materials—saving energy and resources over time.

Creativity and inspiration

With a little experimentation, consumers can figure out what they can easily upcycle. (Empty glass bottles, for example, are really simple to repurpose.) Now’s the time to get creative.


At Sky Organics, we love hearing how our community is repurposing our products and packaging. Share your efforts with us on social media—and don’t forget to follow us on TikTok and Instagram!

Upcycling contributes to a more sustainable, regenerative economic model. Beyond that, it helps to create a sense of environmental responsibility. So let’s explore how you can upcycle with Sky Organics.

3 Ways to Upcycle with Us!

When you run out of an oil or serum, you may feel the urge to toss your packaging and never look back.

But there are actually plenty of ways you can extend the life of your products or empty packaging. Here are some pro tips:


01Create custom facial toners in our glass bottles.

When you finish one of our products, you don’t have to say goodbye to the packaging it came in. Clean your glass bottles and droppers thoroughly, and instead of discarding them, use them to create a custom toner blend. Consider including ingredients like Organic Rosewater, Organic Lavender Oil, and Vitamin E Oil.

02Don’t throw products out when you’re running low.

Did you know you can mix the last bit of your well-loved Organic Shea Butter or Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with other amazing ingredients? This will keep those final portions of your items from going to waste—and help you work those creative muscles. Consider crafting a DIY moisturizer, scented with essential oils, to make good use of what’s left.

Pro tip: Look no further than our partnership with PACT Collective for insights on hard-to-recycle materials like pumps, sprays, and droppers!

03Use empty containers for even more storage.

We like to encourage our community to reuse our packaging and experiment with DIY beauty recipes. That said, your upcycling journey shouldn’t end there. Empty containers like glass jars and even our resealable Organic Cotton Oval bags can be cleaned and used for storage. Stylish and functional, you can repurpose our packaging to hold hairpins, jewelry, and so much more. This will help you not only conserve resources, but stay organized.

And if you don’t have a clear need for your empties, then definitely recycle them. We have a QR code on every product that gives you step-by-step instructions for doing just that!

So what do you say? This Global Recycling Day, I encourage you to think about that scene I mentioned in Mad Men—and instead move in the opposite direction. By making upcycling a key part of your beauty routine, you can do your part to lower your environmental footprint and unleash your creativity

Talk about a conscious approach to personal care!

Reduce, Reuse, and Upcycle with Sky Organics!

Sky Organics is on a mission to share Certified Organic beauty care with all of humankind. Visit our website for more information—and subscribe to our #SkyFam for 20% off your first order.

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