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I Tried These Three Skincare Tools So You Don’t Have To

I Tried These Three Skincare Tools So You Don’t Have To


As it’s the biggest organ in our bodies, we should remember to take care of our skin. But are jade rollers, gua shas and dry brushing the answer? I took it upon myself to test out these skincare tools so you don’t have to. 

Gua Sha

What It Does: The Gua Sha, also known as a “scraper” tool, is a facial massage tool rooted in Chinese medicine that has swept the beauty world. Originally a body treatment, this practice has since adapted to be used in facial therapies by sweeping the face in an upward motion. It’s also said to help promote blood flow, drain the lymphatic system, eliminate bloating and tone your skin complexion. And after reading all about its benefits and seeing a range of impressive before and after photos, I was led to order my very own gua sha tool. 

How To Use It: There are so many varieties and shapes of gua sha tools that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to how to use this tool. That said, there are fundamentals to this facial tool that you can incorporate into your method. To begin, add a quarter-sized amount of your favorite facial oil (I use our Bakuchiol Night Serum) and apply it over your entire face and neck. Then, with the tool, use gentle pressure and apply even strokes against your skin in an upwards motion. 

My Experience: My first impression of the tool is that it is kind of time consuming. It works best when it is part of your everyday skincare routine, like in the morning or at night, but obviously, some days you just don’t have the time to spend 5-7 minutes scraping your face. Other than that, though, I have seen and felt differences in my face and neck. The puffiness definitely decreased over time and I did see a tighter jawline develop. Like with any skincare routine, consistency is key, so even though you don’t have time to use it everyday, I do recommend using it up to 5 times per week to see visible results. Check our our TikTok below! 


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Facial Rollers

What It Does: Face Rollers have seemingly been a trend for longer than gua shas, but in reality they both date back to seventh-century China. Simply put, a face roller is a tool made out of jade (or other stones) and used for face massages. The benefit of a jade roller, as opposed to giving yourself a massage with your hands, is that the cool temperature of the stone may help alleviate puffiness. Plus it helps topical products absorb better into your skin. 

How To Use: The tool generally features a larger stone for cheeks, jaw and forehead and a smaller stone for under the eyes and around the mouth. After cleansing your skin and applying your facial oil or moisturizer, grab the jade roller out of the fridge (optional) and apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool from the center of your face in upward and outward motions - aiming for 10 to 20 strokes on each section of the face. 

My Experience: After learning about jade rollers and using one on my own skin for a couple of weeks I noticed several things. Firstly, I noticed that you can technically recreate the same massaging technique with your hands - minus the cooling sensation of the roller. And while I did notice a slight difference in the puffiness of my face, it wasn’t substantive. So it brought up the question: is it worth it? In my opinion, and in comparison to the benefits of the gua sha, I don’t think the jade roller is as beneficial as people think it is. And while the sensation may feel nice on the skin, the effects can be achieved just by using your hands. 

Dry Brushing 

What It Does: Dry brushing, much like jade rollers and gua shas, is essentially a self-care ritual that has been practiced for centuries by ancient Greeks and Native American tribes. Its main purpose has been to promote blood circulation while ridding the body of any dry or dead skin cells. It is said to stimulate blood flow and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. And while there are a lot of claims about the benefits of dry brushing, there is almost no scientific evidence that backs those claims. 

How To Use: The key to dry brushing is the stiff bristles. Before showering, use your dry brush in small, upward movements and circular motions starting at the feet. It’s important not to press too hard - so you should find a balance where it’s rough enough to exfoliate, while making sure not to irritate or harm your skin. After your shower you can apply a moisturizer or a body oil to hydrate your skin.

My Experience: I began my dry brush journey with the impression that my skin will glow and feel softer, but I did not have much hope for anything else. I made sure to use it two to three times a week right before jumping in the shower and making sure to moisturize afterwards with a body oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil. After sticking to this routine for 3 weeks, and overall, having patience with it, I did begin to notice a clear radiance from my skin! I had never seen my skin glow that way ever before and no fake tan, or real tan for that matter, ever made my skin look as good. But I didn’t notice any difference in my cellulite like some websites claimed. So is dry brushing going to make your skin glow? Sure! But will it actually help dissolve fat and rid your legs of cellulite? Not likely. Do I recommend it? 100% - we spend so much time taking care of the skin on our face but not much attention is paid to the skin on our bodies. We should definitely give it more love and dry brushing could be the way to start. 

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