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5 Habits That Can Impact Hair Growth

5 Habits That Can Impact Hair Growth

The average rate of hair growth is about a ½ inch each month - equal to about 6 inches of new growth each year! While 6 inches is a lot, how you care for your hair is important in helping it grow. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips on what to watch out for when growing your hair out. 


Shampooing is great for helping cleanse away dirt and leftover residue from hair products. What makes shampoo so good at clarifying, is also what can make it incredibly stripping if used too often. Though many people may shampoo every day, it’s best to shampoo every other day or use a low-poo shampoo which tend to be more natural and sulfate-free. And there’s no need to “repeat” after rinsing and shampoo twice—one wash will suffice! 

When shampooing hair make sure to focus on massaging and lightly scratching the scalp to remove dirt that can clog hair follicles. Since shampooing can be intense, it usually shouldn’t be applied through the length of hair as this can strip hair and cause dryness that may lead to breakage.

Tight Hairstyles

We love top knot buns and high ponytails, but if you’re someone who finds yourself pulling your hair back every day, you could be damaging your hair follicles and could even lead to hair thinning. Make sure to let your hair breathe a few times a week or keep it in a loose style like a side braid using a soft scrunchie that is more gentle on hair!

Not Using Hair Oils 

Those with fine or oily-prone hair tend to be the main culprits for not using a hair oil, but everyone needs one. Hair oils help deliver moisture and nourishment to hair and helps boost manageability and shine! There is no downside. Without a hair oil, the moisture our hair receives after washing evaporates. It’s sort of like putting on skin products and then not sealing them in with a face oil.

A leave-in styling serum we recommend is our Organic Argan Oil. It’s light, works on all hair types, and is full of essential fatty acids that help moisturize and support healthy hair!

Not Doing Hair Masks 

We know masking can seem like a huge time commitment – but hair masks can be as easy as applying our Organic Castor Oil to your scalp and letting it sit for 30 minutes as you scroll through the internet binge-reading the Sky Organics blog! Just like hair oils, masks give hair the moisture and nourishment it craves to help it stay healthy! 

Skipping Conditioner 

Repeat after us: I will never skip conditioner!

Conditioner is just as, if not more important, than shampooing. After shampooing, hair may feel dry and rough. Skipping conditioner means that you’re leaving your hair in that fragile post-shampoo state which can make ends more prone to breakage and split ends. Conditioner is great for helping to nourish and replenish hair with moisture to help keep strands healthy!

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