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Embrace the Timeless Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra

Embrace the Timeless Beauty Secrets of Cleopatra

Embrace the
Timeless Beauty Secrets
of Cleopatra

If Cleopatra tops your list of historical icons,
you aren’t alone.

If Cleopatra tops your list of historical icons, you aren’t alone.

The Queen of Kings is an enigma: a true symbol of confidence and beauty.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 69 BC, the multilingual scholar is known for her intelligence, poise, and inimitable style. (She actually built one of the world’s first libraries, which Julius Caesar accidentally burned down years later.)

Cleopatra may have become a pharaoh at age 18, but her look is timeless. And this goes back to her personal care rituals, which included some of the same pure, potent ingredients we use today.

Then and Now: Heritage of Certified Organic Beauty Care

Let’s go back 2,000 years to Cleopatra’s reign. USDA Organic Certification didn’t exist in ancient Egypt, but pretty much all ingredients were simple, pure, and natural at the time. Cleopatra recognized this, and she used it to her advantage. You can too. Here are contemporary versions of ingredients we think Cleopatra loved:

Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil has become a viral sensation (for good reason), but it’s been around since antiquity. Its first recorded use dates back to the Ebers papyrus, an ancient Egyptian medical treatise. Cleopatra may well have used it in her day too.

Though we’ve never seen a photo of Cleopatra, most of us know she had smooth, glossy hair. With 65,000 Amazon reviews and counting, our single- ingredient Organic Castor Oil supports the same strong, full locks Cleopatra was known for. After four weeks of use, 90% of women reported softer feeling hair.*

Courtney g.
“This is my favorite product. I love [that] it comes straight from Mother Nature and makes my hair feel so soft. This is my go-to product.”

Organic Coconut Oil & Vitamin E

Did Cleopatra use coconut oil as part of her beauty regimen? She certainly may have. In ancient Egypt, some women used coconut oil to create a lasting sheen. Others used it as a hydrating, nourishing part of their skincare routine.

To achieve Cleopatra’s look, consider our Organic Coconut Oil & Vitamin E. Rich in fatty acids and glow-boosting antioxidants, this replenishing oil is not to be missed. After just one week, 92% of women reported smoother feeling skin.* True purists may also enjoy our Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This product features a single pure and potent ingredient!

“So good! It is such great quality and my skin loves it so much!!! I use it externally to restore my skin barrier and couldn’t recommend it more! I’ve noticed a fading in some of my scarring even—the vitamin E is amazing.”

Organic Rosehip Oil

Known as the “Oil of Youth,” many ancient Egyptians turned to rosehip oil, which is sourced from wild rose plants. Women like Cleopatra appreciated the ingredient’s powerful antioxidants and brightening look.

Our Organic Rosehip Oil is today’s version of this timeless favorite. A natural source of essential vitamins and fatty acids, the pure, virgin, unrefined organic oil encourages a radiant complexion. After four weeks of use, 86% of women said it gave their skin a healthy glow.

“I love this oil. I use it after I get out of the shower and it makes my skin feel so good! It soaks in very nicely and doesn’t leave any oily or greasy feeling on my skin. This is a perfect addition to any skincare regimen.”

Organic Jojoba Oil

The ancient Egyptians reportedly used a variety of botanical face oils, and surely Cleopatra was no exception. While the jojoba plant is native to the Sonoran Desert, today it’s also grown in Egypt, where it’s called “green gold”—and we think the iconic pharaoh would have loved it.

Our 100% pure Organic Jojoba Oil features a lightweight texture that moisturizes dry areas and reduces excess oiliness. After four weeks of use, 90% of women reported rejuvenated, softer feeling skin.

“I’ve been wanting to try jojoba for so long. I wish I had started sooner. I love that even though it’s an oil, it absorbs so quick and doesn’t leave that oily after feel. Also a great carrier oil for my essential oils. Love!!!”

And really, these products are just the beginning. So if you’re searching for other pure and potent ingredients Cleopatra might have loved, consider indulging in Rosewater; Grapeseed, Almond, and Marula Oils; and Shea and Cocoa Butters. You’ll achieve her look of timeless beauty in no time.

Ingredients with Integrity

At Sky Organics, we invite you to infuse the purest form of natural into your personal care routine—just like Cleopatra.

Through our commitment to certifiably-better beauty, we promise to only use ingredients with:

A clear purpose
We only use pure and simple ingredients in our products that have a true benefit to your skin or hair.

Minimal processing
By going back to basics like Cleopatra, our certified organic ingredients maintain their natural potency.

Sustainable sourcing
Cleopatra shows us just how beneficial products grown and processed without chemicals or pesticides can be.

At Sky Organics, we’ll be the first to admit that Cleopatra inspires us. Many of her beauty secrets are still relevant today—because they’re timeless.

Whatever it takes to find your inner Egyptian queen, we’ll be right here with you.

Achieve Timeless Beauty with Sky Organics

Achieve Timeless Beauty with Sky Organics

Sky Organics is on a mission to share certified organic beauty care with all of humankind. Visit our website for more information—and join our #SkyFam for 20% off your first order.

*Results from 4-week consumer perception study of 39 women

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