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Important Summer Tips for Healthy Hair

Important Summer Tips for Healthy Hair

We all know the summer heat can wreak havoc on the skin.

Hair isn’t exempt from this either. It’s common for our luscious locks to become dry or even brittle with exposure to the summer sun, saltwater, and chemically-treated pools.

This is where the following tips come in. They’ll help you keep your mane healthy and hydrated all summer long.

What Does Hot Weather Do to the Hair?

Summer is the season to let your hair down, so to speak. These are the months to embrace your natural texture and go with the so-called flow

You’ll want to proceed with caution, though. This is because warm temperatures and powerful UV rays can damage the outermost layer of the hair. Known as the cuticle, this outer layer tends to get rough in the summer heat—eventually swelling and attracting humidity.

Frizzy hair is the less-than-desirable result. Consequently, your hair may become dry or prone to split-ends. Meanwhile, high moisture levels and sweat may cause your hair to feel flat in the summer heat.

And the trouble doesn’t end there. Don’t even get us started on saltwater and chlorine! A dip in the pool may strip your hair of its natural oils, while a swim in seawater can pull moisture from your locks and leave the hair looking parched.

How Can You Protect Your Hair this Summer?

It’s important to be aware of the risks hot weather can bring to the hair. Yet you can still spend plenty of quality time outside without damaging your strands.

So enjoy yourself the next time you hit the beach or pool, and follow these crucial summer haircare tips

• Bring a hat.
Too much sun exposure can make your hair lackluster. To protect your scalp from sun damage, wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap. Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf is always an option too.

• Gently apply sunscreen.
To make sure you’re safe on all fronts, run your hands slowly through your hair right after applying sunscreen. Avoid shampoos with UV protection, which tend to include toxic ingredients.

• Use hair ties.
Wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail will limit sun exposure. Not only that, but hair ties can also reduce the amount you sweat. The idea here is to protect your hair from the flat, dull look perspiration can bring

• Drink plenty of water.
Dehydration affects the whole body—right down to the strands of your hair. To prevent your locks from drying out, drink lots of water each day. This will keep your hair hydrated and glowing.

• Condition, condition, condition.
Cut back on summer shampoos in order to keep your hair smooth and moisturized. Then, focus on conditioner to lock in even more hydration. Note that ingredients like Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil include deep nourishing, conditioning effects.

• Skip the blow dryer.
You may be tempted to use them, but try to go easy on heat styling tools when it’s hot outside. In summer weather, blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can amplify any damage to the hair

By making these tips a part of your routine, you’ll be able to improve your hair health and focus on the beauty of the season. Now let’s discuss some haircare products to consider

Revitalize Your Hair with Certifed Organic Ingredients

It’s no secret that the products we use matter. To give your hair the healing power it deserves this summer, treat your hair to the deep conditioning power of one or more of these products.

• For deep nourishment
When used as a pre-shampoo hair mask, our Organic Castor Oil supports strong, full hair. Loaded with natural fatty acids, the cold-pressed oil is designed to nurture the scalp, roots, and strands

• For cleansing moisture
Purifying hydration is at the core of our Organic Essential Scalp Elixir: a soothing blend of organic castor, amla, and carrot root oils provide deep moisture when used prior to cleansing.

• For antioxidant-rich replenishment
You won’t want to miss our Organic Coconut Oil & Vitamin E. The ultra-hydrating oil is full of healing antioxidants and powerful fatty acids that can help to soften the hair when used as an overnight hair mask

• For smooth, silky hair
There’s no going wrong with our Organic Argan Oil. In addition to taming frizz, a few drops of this daily leave-in Moroccan hair oil will give your hair a glossy shine.

An added benefit of these products is that each one is made from the purest ingredients. Backed by our Certified B-Corp, they’re produced with sustainability in mind. Add them to your summer haircare routine for incredible results.

Replenish Your Hair This Summer with Sky Organics

Sky Organics is on a mission to share Certified Organic beauty care with all of humankind. Visit our website for more information—and subscribe to our newsletter for 20% off your first order.

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