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Indulge in the Healing Power of Pure and Potent Ingredients!

Indulge in the Healing Power of Pure and Potent Ingredients!

Indulge in the Healing
Power of Pure and
Potent Ingredients!

Indulge in the
Healing Power of
Pure and Potent

Searching for new skincare products is easier said than done. While looking for the next amazing thing, you may come across serums and moisturizers labeled “natural” or “nontoxic.”

These words sound great in theory—but what do they really mean? Are they genuinely a sign of purity, or are the terms a form of greenwashing?

In most cases, the truth is complicated! It can be overwhelming, trying to find brands and products you trust. Because while it may seem like all personal care companies swear by natural beauty, that just isn’t the case. Far too many brands claim their products are clean and healthy without sharing why that is.

Sky Organics is different in that we truly hold ourselves accountable. And in honor of Earth Month this April, we want you to bask in the healing power of our pure and potent ingredients! We also want to walk you through the many ways our personal care products stand out from the mainstream.

About Our Commitment to Certified Organic Ingredients

While some companies say they use “natural” ingredients, these claims are very much unregulated. The word natural is used loosely, which makes it hard for consumers to know how trustworthy a product really is. A brand may give off a natural vibe, but ultimately, that doesn’t carry a lot of weight by itself. Plus, many companies use harmful parabens and phthalates alongside clean ingredients.

This is where Sky Organics differs! We mean it when we say we keep our beauty care simple. We uphold our commitment to all things pure and potent. And the ingredients we use aren’t just organic in the idealistic sense. We pursue USDA Organic Certification whenever we can! Currently, we maintain this organic certification on over 80% of our assortment. And when organic certification isn’t possible due to material limitations, we still source the purest possible ingredients straight from nature. So there’s really no question about the integrity of our natural claims.

Oh, and we also certify our products to other inspiring standards! These include the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Made with Organic Ingredients and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Both underscore our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and quality.

It’s worth mentioning that our B Corp Certification further highlights our pledge to avoid harsh ingredients! This meaningful designation means all of our claims are verified.

Use This, Not That!

Empowering Beauty Swaps to Consider

Sky Organics is proud to share that every ingredient we use has a clear purpose and benefit. In fact, many of our bestselling products contain just one simple ingredient!
This spring, we invite you to exchange any questionable personal care products for certifiably-better options. Here are some swaps to consider:

Swap n°1 – Moisturizers!

We definitely recommend keeping your skin nourished. Instead of using moisturizers with potentially harmful cyclic silicones, we encourage you to opt for pure and potent alternatives. Our Organic Shea Butter Replenishing Moisture Stick features four simple ingredients that rehydrate the skin and offer antioxidant support. It also comes in a small size that you can easily take with you on the go!

Swap n°2 – Lip Balms!

Not all lip balms are created equal. Some include chemicals that actually make the lips drier! We recommend swapping out products with synthetic ingredients for our Organic Lip Balms. Bursting with natural flavors, the organic balms are made with restorative plant oils and beeswax to lock in moisture. Available in four enticing flavors, you can trust us to keep your lips soft all day long.

Swap n°3 – Petroleum Jelly!

Petroleum jelly softens the skin, treats chapped lips, and even soothes diaper rash. The multipurpose balm can also trigger allergies and clog the pores. Our Organic Petroleum-Free Jelly offers the same benefits—without the long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce! Talk about an organic medicine cabinet staple.

Your product and ingredient swaps don’t have to end here. The next time you browse for a must-have
skincare item, make sure to prioritize organic certification!

Why Is Certified Organic Better?

Certified organic ingredients are pure and potent. They’re never tested on animals, and they’re backed by the USDA!
But our commitment to certifiably-better beauty runs even deeper. These are the main pillars behind our love of all things certified organic:

01The purest form of natural

Certified organic ingredients really are the most potent form of natural. They’re also the reason we don’t need a long “free from” list on our labels!

02Little to no processing

Minimal processing means that certified organic ingredients maintain their natural potency. What better way to offer personal care products with integrity?

03Environmental benefits

Certified organic ingredients promote a healthier, happier planet. They’re sustainably grown, harvested, and processed without synthetic chemicals or pesticides!

As we celebrate Earth Month, we want our community to embrace the pure and potent ingredients people and the planet crave. This is how we’ll make lasting changes in beauty care. Will you join us?

Embrace Simple Ingredients with Sky Organics!

Embrace Simple Ingredients
with Sky Organics!

Sky Organics is on a mission to share Certified Organic beauty care with all of humankind. Visit our website for more information—and join our #SkyFam for 20% off your first order.

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