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What National
Organic Month Means
to Sky Organics

What National <br>Organic Month Means <br>to Sky Organics

This year I’m celebrating National Organic Month for my daughter.

She’s a year and a half, and she doesn’t know what it means just yet. But I do—and in the coming years, she will too. In the interim, I want to do my part to leave the world a better place.

Now, I’m no farmer. I am Chief Sustainability Officer at a beauty brand, though. And from our packaging to the way we take care of our people, I want to set an example for other companies to follow. I also want to show my daughter’s generation that there’s a better way to care for our planet.

Times are changing. Slowly but surely, people are gaining awareness. I’m hopeful my daughter will grow up closer to the Earth than my generation did, from the toys she plays with to the food she eats. I want the same thing for her kids too. And I realize that organic farming and other climate-sensitive practices will play an important role in achieving this.

This is why National Organic Month is so important to me.

And now I’d like to talk about why it matters to Sky Organics.

How Is Sky Organics Celebrating
National Organic Month?

Sky Organics is celebrating National Organic Month by doubling down on our commitment to reforestation.

Throughout September, we will plant 5 trees for every order placed on our website, and for every email and SMS signup we receive.

This wouldn’t be possible without our partner Ecologi. They do remarkable work and have helped us fund the planting of over 12,200 trees to date. You can learn more about our partnership here.

Ecologi focuses on organic farming and reforestation all over the world. It’s thrilling to see organic agriculture creating jobs and boosting economies—and the impact is greater than ever. In the U.S. alone, there are over 28,000 Certified Organic farms and businesses today. Higher-quality water, energy conservation, and better soil health are just some of the benefits organic farming brings.

How Does Certified Organic
Set Us Apart?

Sky Organics uses Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. While some brands use the word “natural” on their items, we have the USDA seal to back our claims up. It’s the real deal when third-party agencies agree a company’s products are certifiably better.

Because what organic means for consumers is quality assurance. We’ve all seen businesses fairy-dust products with a certified organic ingredient or two—yet we use these ingredients whenever we can. Our B Corp Certification is further proof of our commitment to doing right by the planet.

That’s not all. All three of the following standards factor into our approach:

• USDA Organic
There’s organic, and then there’s USDA Certified Organic. USDA-certified organic ingredients are grown and processed with specific parameters around soil and weed control. The use of additives is strictly prohibited, and organic producers use natural substances as much as they can.

To hold people accountable, the USDA conducts annual onsite inspections.

• NSF ANSI 305
NSF/ANSI 305 is the only American National Standard to issue labeling and marketing requirements for personal care products that contain organic ingredients.

In other words, if a brand claims something is “made with organic ingredients,” that product must contain at least 70% certified organic ingredients by weight. And the (up to) 30% that’s not organic? It’s made up of a carefully vetted list of ingredients that make the formula work, are deemed safe and sustainable, and are unavailable in organic form. For Sky Organics, these ingredients are often added vitamins or natural mineral ingredients that cannot be sourced organically.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) lists worldwide requirements for organic textiles. It encompasses everything from the harvesting of raw materials, to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing and labelling practices. Our organic cotton products are certified to this standard.

Sky Organics is proud to follow all three of these standards. We’re honored to see our sustainability commitment in action, and we’re very happy to celebrate National Organic Month this September with you.

With that, I’d like to dedicate this post to the organic farmers who are working so hard to make the world a better place.

I think I’ll dedicate it to my daughter too. Someday she’ll be the one teaching me about the planet

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Our family-founded company is on a mission to share Certified Organic beauty care with all of humankind. Learn more about what we’re doing at skyorganics.com or on Instagram at @skyorganics.us.

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